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Fresh from Saturday’s oven:

November 2, 2011

Pizza and beer. Unlike Kim and Kris, it’s a match made to last. And one all of us at Saturday happen to like. So imagine our excitement when we were approached by the good folks at Brixx Pizza and asked to give their website a completely new look. The old Brixx site wasn’t bad, but it was getting stale. And although it showed pizza, you just didn’t get that special Brixx experience: hanging out with good friends around a patio table filled with noshables. So we knew right away that more ambiance, more people, more more was in store for Here’s what we cooked up. homepage, Saturday Brand Communications, Charlotte.The request was to give the site a completely new look, update all content, broadening key areas such as MBA (their “Masters of Beer Appreciation” program), and to design/build with a kick-ass Content Management System that would allow this growing franchise maximum flexibility and minimum hassle.

Above: With 22 locations and growing, we gave Brixx a way to communicate about individual store specials and events at the neighborhood level. While this is mostly great for customers, it's also a fantastic way to give local managers a hand in creating up-to-date content for the site and helping the Brixx brand look fresh and alive.

Also raising the importance of evolving their site was that there had been some important new visual changes to the Brixx brand and store environments. In short, the digital space now needed to reflect where Brixx had arrived visually and experientially, and where they needed to go in terms of site management.

We set to work, designing a site that would offer the right mix of eye candy (tasty pizza shots) and useful information (location information, menus, nutrition facts). The result was a more robust site experience that offered information quickly to the task driven user, while providing enough content to keep the casual browser satisfied that Brixx was definitely the right choice for their next meal. Some of the things that helped us accomplish this:

  • Expanded menus section with more visuals
  • Local content to appease appetites for info about their neighborhood store
  • Ability to jump to a location via a modal
  • Integrated social media content, such as a blog and promoting sharing
  • Easily updated homepage (with 22 locations, Brixx has lots to share!)
  • An improved e-commerce experience

Now that a Phase 1 is live, we are now focusing on expanding some sections within the site, making it more social and continuing to improve back-end flexibility via the CMS. A mobile version of the site is also on the horizon, along with a potential mobile app. In the meantime, head over to your closest Brixx and enjoy their awesome pizza and beer. Trust us, it’s the best around.

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