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New Work: Crescent & Carolina Premier Bank Outdoor

July 8, 2010

Saturday always enjoys getting outdoor projects. Why? Because we have one of the best outdoor guys around – Mr. John Howard. John’s experience from Adams Outdoor Advertising is a real blessing for these times when we get to play on a canvas a bit larger than a computer screen. Shown here is a board done for Crescent Communities just outside Asheville which encourages travelers to check out Lake James while they’re in the area. Lake James is a beautiful, waterfront development which is known for planning and building in a way that is respectful of nature. (Actually there are two ideas here — can you guess which of them was selected? Scroll to bottom for answer!) Also shown is a digital board for Carolina Premier Bank which promotes their rewards checking product to folks driving through South Charlotte. Digital really makes sense when you have time-sensitive information such as an interest rate.  Enjoy!

Image of Lake James billboard for Crescent Communities, done by Saturday Brand CommunicationsImage of a Lake James billboard concept done for Crescent Communities

Image of billboard for Carolina Premier Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina

Just above is a billboard done for Carolina Premier Bank. The top two images were done for Crescent Communities at Lake James. The one that was produced is at top.

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