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New Work: Gentle Giant Moving Company

June 28, 2010
Image of a postcard for Gentle Giant Moving Company done by Saturday Brand Communications

This is one of several postcards hitting select areas in Charlotte to heighten the awareness of Gentle Giant, the best moving company in the world. Really.

A few months back we announced that we would be doing some work for Boston-based Gentle Giant Moving Company. Well, after weeks of research, meetings and creative development, we’re excited to share the first creative concepts from our launch campaign. First a little background. Gentle Giant, an awesome company, has over 30 years of experience and has an almost cult-like following in their more mature markets. But because they are relatively new to Charlotte, they needed a little help with name recognition and awareness – and of course they were looking to increase bookings.

Our creative was inspired by the Giants themselves. Through many testimonials we found that customers constantly remarked on the performance of the crew, many of whom are former college athletes. The staff are expertly trained and provide an extremely high level of customer service – getting to know customers, engaging them, laughing with them – even cracking the occasional joke. Giants are not only skilled Charlotte furniture movers, but also a highly diverse group of individuals, coming from all corners of the globe with varied interests such as boating, wakeboarding, arts and culture.

Armed with those insights, Saturday developed a campaign that showcased the Giants themselves and spoke to their passion for moving. We also tapped into the concern that moving is stressful, mainly because people worry about about the care being given to their most valued possessions. From this, we developed the line “If it matters to you, it matters to Gentle Giant”, which became a central theme for the campaign. To maximize a limited budget we recommended a combination of print and highly targeted direct mail, along with some social media and event marketing.

Just one month into the three month campaign the Charlotte office is experiencing the highest call volume ever and bookings are up significantly. We are totally jazzed about the initial success and look forward to doing a complete case study at the end of the campaign!

Image of an ad for Gentle Giant Moving Company done by Saturday Brand Communications

"Man Hugs" is one of several print ads done by Saturday for Gentle Giant as part of a brand awareness campaign.

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  1. August 8, 2010 17:25

    Congrats! Very interesting, creative work! I hope our agency will learn something from you guys.

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